2019-2020 Cincy STARS

Michaela Atkinson
Rory Bradley
Natalie Cathey
Ali Camper
Gabby Chin
Abby Donnelly
Izzy Edmondson
Cora Gehring
Paige Graham
Chloe Kauffman
Jackie Kahn
Elena Mangiaterra
Jordis Martin
Karina Vazquez-Martinez
Kerlyis Martinez
Malina Moore
KK Onthank
Anna Schulte
Ella Schulte
Emma Schulte
Lexi Smith
Eva Wallace
Mattie Waltz

As a member of our competing team, students will experience a new and exciting level of dance, performing, competition, and bonding with their team members and instructors. Its a privilege to be chosen for The Cincy STARS and we are honored to have these members represent our studio!

The teams will attend 4 competitions (in Winter/Spring 2020), and will also attend a dance conventions during Fall 2019. Dancers Teams will have the opportunity to compete in the following forms of dance: Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop & Tap. Each year we compete with multiple soloist, duo/trios and group routines.

Our competition teams requires a higher level of commitment; both in their class/rehearsal time, and financially (including classes/rehearsals, competition/workshop fees, and costumes). We will provide fund-raising opportunities whenever possible, and encourage parent involvement in our “booster club” to help the teams in those activities. For more information about our team please read over our Cincy Stars handbook.